Frias Gonçalves is natural from Coimbra, district of Sé Nova, where he was born in April of 1942. He went to high school D.João III but he ended up dropping out. He learned to play the guitar by himself in 1958, but the finger movements were taught to him by Victor do Carmo. In Coimbra he played with Victor do Carmo, Assis e Santos, Manuel Pais, António Ralha, Jorge Gomes, Octávio Sérgio, Fernando Monteiro, José Paulo and Jorge Godinho; with the singers Fernando Hermida, José Manuel dos Santos, Raul Dinis, Jorge Cravo and Joaquim Leitão, with acoustic guitar players Rui Nazaré, Manuel Dourado, Horácio Leitão, Jorge Tito, Custódio Moureirinhas, João Reis, Rui Pato e Paulo Alão. In 1963 he stopped to go fulfill his purpose in the Military, from where he returned in 1967. After that, he settled in Lisbon as an Electronic technician for TAP, only starting to play again in 1974. In Lisbon he played with Carlos Couceiro, Teotónio Xavier, Francisco Vasconcelos, João Bagão, Alexandre Bateiras,José Rodrigues and Silva Ramos; with acoustic guitar players Rodrigues Pereira , Rodrigues Rocha, José Tito , Carlos de Figueiredo, Levy Baptista, Durval Moureirinhas, Ferreira Alves and Carlos Vieira(TAP); with singers Sutil Roque, Luís Góes, Augusto Camacho, Anarolino Fernandes, António Bernardino, Manuel Branquinho, Damas Mora, Carlos Carranca, José Henrique Dias(singing bug), António Mário(TAP), João Tomé, Tito Costa Santos, Fernando Marcelino(TAP), Arménio Santos, Machado Soares, Joaquim Matos, Victor Nunes, Pedro Ramalho, Pedro Couceiro and Alexandre Herculano. He was an intimate friend with the great guitar wizard, Artur Paredes. After retirement, he moved to Figueira da Foz where he built an amateur studio to work on his musical works. So far he has recorded (unofficially) 13 pieces of his own authorship, 17 unprecedented guitar tracks (RARITIES) and 8 missing guitar tracks from the 78rpm discs (SAVING THE 78RPM’s). All this corresponds to 3 years of work, work that editors do not show the least interest in editing and publishing. He also participated in artistic tours in Canada, E.U.A., Brazil, Venezuela, Azores, and Madeira.